Sunday, July 29, 2007

We accept the reality that it is presented to us

"We accept the reality that it is presented to us" - that is the big statement from the director of the Truman's show. Unfortunately, we, humans, are prone to cheat ourselves and we would like to see the reality that is more convenient to us. For instance, we accept all the "truths" that the media brings to us... And, along the history, the media not always was the TV... the forth power has been shaped into many forms...

But, the question is: what is it for in a scientific blog? It has a simple answer: it also happens in academy... and in scientific work...

We just accept or are to see what our "brain" or our "eyes" like to see. For example, there is classical techniques to evaluate a image classifier: ROCs, DETs, Recall-Precision curves, etc. But all of them just measures a glimpse of the classifier in a certain situation! It is just an angle of the reality which, most of the time, can be manipulated by our own intention to show big results!

Then, to go through with a research work, it is necessary honesty! To be honest with us and investigate all points of view in order to to present honest results... And also to see further, because even in the scientific world, the view of the mass keeps on and we can look around many people that just "accept the reality that it is presented to us"!!

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